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My Mission is . . .



to create an environment

for students which will allow for

student learning

and inspire creative  thinking


to help students develop an

art vocabulary and a background of art knowledge

so that they have the ability

to respond to ideas, experiences and the environment

through the visual arts


to present students with problems to solve which allow them to

organize thoughts,

think creatively, and develop critical thinking skills


to model for students the steps to successfully complete projects

which develops self-esteem,

a sense of worth,

and pride


to direct students towards the ability to respond to pieces of art

in order to describe, analyze, interpret,

and make thoughtful judgments

about art


to display student art in a professional manner

to honor and celebrate the work of students

and present to an audience

the impact of student learning


to respect students as unique individuals with

personal, family, and ethnic values

and allow them to express themselves


so that  they may




and make connections


with the world around them.




-  Jill D. Henderson     2008